The Best Ways to Keep the Subaru Ascent New For Longer

If you’ve recently experienced that new car smell for the first time, you are probably going to be wondering how to make it last. Unfortunately, that new car smell is just as fleeting as your first love; it will soon be but a memory. Other aspects of your new car, however, such as how it looks and how it performs, can easily be preserved with just a little bit of care.

A few days ago I bought a new car which is Subaru ascent. I was so in love with the car. But one day I found a shitty smell from my car. I have become worried about how to keep the car new and how to protect it from all kind of scratches and dirt and most importantly from the bad smell.

So, how to protect your new Subaru ascent?

The little bit of care of your new Subaru ascent should only take you a few minutes/dollars at a time, it could easily save you thousands in the long run, when your car remains reliable for longer. Although there are a number of different ways to keep a new car new for longer, here are the six tips that I have personally found to be highly effective.

Take it Easy for the First Thousand Miles

If you’ve had your new car for a while now, it’s probably too late for this advice, but if your car is fresh off the forecourt, go easy on the thing. Most experts agree that a car engine is by far at it’s most fragile during the first thousand miles, therefore don’t do anything that could put it under serious pressure. Switch it off rather than staying idle when you are in traffic and try to not to go over fifty miles an hour.

Stick to High-Quality Petrol

Many drivers think they are incredibly clever when they save money by purchasing low-quality petrol but over time, doing so can wreak havoc on a car’s engine. Discount petrol chains can offer such low prices because the petrol that they sell is dated. Why is this a problem? Because dated fuel tends to contain quite a bit of sludge and as you can imagine, sludge is the last thing that you want to be putting into your engine.

Check Your Car Whenever You Fill Up

As well as treating your car to only the best quality petrol, you should try to get into the habit of spending two minutes checking out your car every time you fill up.

  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Take a quick glance at the engine.
  • Rub a damp cloth over the battery.
  • Check the water level.

If you happen to notice a small problem before it becomes a big one, these simple steps alone could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.
Always Wash Your Car during winter

If you live in an area where the Winters are not exactly sunny, chances are you don’t bother to wash your car during that time of year. After all, what’s the point in washing a car if it’s just going to get covered in mud on the way home? Skipping the car wash for a few months is a very bad idea, however. When you get your car washed, any hard debris that has accumulated is washed off before it can do any damage. Therefore regardless of the weather, make sure you get your car washed at least once a fortnight.

Never Put Off Replacing Your Tires

Everyone knows that performing regular tire checks and replacing them whenever necessary is important for both fuel consumption and general road safety. Many people seem to forget however that it’s also important for the overall health of your car. Driving with bad tires can cause serious damage to your engine, your suspension, and your transmission. Therefore, never put off getting them changed.

Stick to Your Cars Maintenance Schedule

When it comes to performing maintenance on your car, there are two steps to doing it right.
The first step is to stick to the schedule. When you buy a new car, it generally comes complete with a little booklet telling you what should be checked at each mileage milestone. Don’t ignore it.

The second step is to find a great mechanic and go to him every time. Not only will doing so ensure that you are never overcharged, but it also means that you know your car is getting a proper work over every time you hand it in.

What makes me interested in buying the Subaru ascent?

The interior space

I have a family member of seven. When we go out together, we have to take two cars to accommodate everyone. I have been looking for a stylish yet spacious car for a long time. After searching a lot and reviewing a lot of options, I get this SUV. It is a full-size SUV which offers a wide space for the passengers and the cargos as well. As you will get a lot of interior space in the car, you can accommodate many people on a single go. So, this is the thing I like about the car most.

The highest comfort

The Subaru ascent provides the highest comfort for all. The doors of the car open really wide. So everyone can enter into it easily. The tallest person can also sit there comfortably. For the regular use of 7 or 8 people this car is the best one.

Confident and bold look

I have seen many reviews about the Subaru Ascent. I was worried about the performance of the car on the road. As this is a sports utility vehicle, I was worried about how it will perform on the road. However, the sports utility car has been improved a lot in the last few years. When I went for the test drive of the car, I got a consistent performance from it. It also has a solid brake which offers stability on the road. The smooth performance and bold look together have made the car most preferable one.

Though I have found many benefits of the Subaru ascent, there are some drawbacks too. Some problems I have found with the car are-

The third row

The third row of the car is not as specious as the second and first row. The passenger of the first and second row gets the comfort with generous space, but the passengers of the thirds row have to sit in the congested seats an also get less leg room for relaxing. I have managed the problem with some tricks though. I managed my children to the seat on the back seat. They become happy and also feel comfortable seating there.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption rate in the city area is higher than the highway. As I don’t go to the highway so frequently and drive my car on the city road, I need to buy more fuel for my car.

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